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5M-CONSTUCTION has recently completed a workplace fit out for a commercial office in Lahore that above all, values health, wellness and agility for its staff. Furthermore, 5M-CONSTUCTION has created contrasting zones to balance open, collaborative areas with focused areas for independent working. The building largely provides plenty of natural light, taking advantage of those conditions we responded with open, transparent workstations

It’s not hard to love something when it’s beautifully crafted and it’s done with modesty. In creating a deeply personal and private new residence within the hills and leafy Murree suburb. The material palette of timber, stone and concrete creates a rich texture, in context with the surrounding natural and built environments. This beautiful, timeless home site now encompasses and enriches

5M-CONSTUCTION has been the defining voice in modern luxury interiors. We offer exquisite furnishings, an unparalleled showroom experience and unwavering service to the residential and commercial design trade. During that time, we’ve stayed true to our passions, values and deep beliefs—that well designed spaces enrich one’s life experience, that quality of materials and craftsmanship can never be compromised, and that supporting

Each residential project is a very personal journey to create an inspiring and enjoyable place to live, a place that is unique for every client and every site. When designing your home, we bring together architectural ideas that meet your needs, lifestyle and aspirations. In this way, we find a very personal design response that is unique to your brief and